About us

“A Human Bank that creates value for families, businesses and entrepreneurs.”


Giovanni Bossi, CEO.

We are connected to our country, aware of the role we play in supporting families, entrepreneurs and businesses.

We believe in the strength of relationships; our value is based on the ability to establish lasting relationships fueled by shared growth. Transparency, speed and simplicity are the pillars of our DNA.



We are sincere and empathetic.
We place transparency at the basis of our actions, our communication and our contracts to enable all our stakeholders to make autonomous and informed choices. We pursue our goals with honesty, fairness and responsibility, in full and substantial compliance with the rules and professional ethics.

We contribute to sustainable economic development over time with transparent and fair management towards all new and current clients.



We are fast and innovative.
Our agile reaction times will enable us to offer competitive products and deliver them to the market quickly.
For us, technology is just an enabler for innovation and for offering simple, efficient and transparent service based on data, habits and customer needs. In front of the technology are the people, always available to answer the concerns of new and current customers.

Technology does not replace humans;
it is an enabler for humans.



We are simple and straightforward.
Our way of working is based on care and deep respect for clients and partners.
Fairness, professionalism, confidentiality and the ability to anticipate customers’ needs are the characteristics by which we want to distinguish ourselves.

That is why we adopt listening and dialogue as levers for continuous improvement in our relations with all our stakeholders. Technology is there to support us.

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Sustainability: an attitude and the prerequisite that guides us.

The Human Bank concept represents the distinctive aspect of our business.
Our governance model is innovative and sustainable. We aim for carbon neutrality through efficient operations and logistics. The most important investment we make on an ongoing basis is on the people who work in the Bank.

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48% women and 52% men



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Plus 1 headquarter and 5 offices

Data updated to May 2024

Our story

July 24, 2006

Banco delle Tre Venezie is established

On July 24, 2006, Banco delle Tre Venezie was established, whose activities then began in December 2008. Banco delle Tre Venezie arose from the alliance between some agents of the banking business and a group of entrepreneurs from the Veneto region, all convinced that a true dialogue on equal terms between bank and customer is winning and fruitful for both. It has always positioned itself in the market as a reality capable of combining strong ties with the territory and operational excellence, aimed at developing personalized and transparent relationships. A strongly customer-oriented bank, specialized in serving SMEs, owner-entrepreneurs and professionals who support the business world of the Northeast, the economic operators who have made the Triveneto one of the most advanced areas in Europe.

November 28, 2019

Bossi completes majority takeover of Cherry106

On November 28, 2019, Giovanni Bossi completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Cherry106 S.p.A., a financial intermediary registered under Article 106 TUB. Cherry106 S.p.A. operated from the outset by purchasing and transforming portfolios of impaired loans, establishing itself as one of the leading innovative operators in the sector, both in terms of the solutions proposed and the speed of intervention, contributing to the development of a new way of managing impaired credit. In line with its vocation for innovation, Cherry106 has developed two of the most efficient digital platforms for purchasing tax credits from Superbonus and Other Building Tax Bonuses, quickly becoming a reference point for the market: superB, in partnership and exclusive with Banco BPM, and Cherry credit, a proprietary platform.

February 28, 2022

From the two realities comes the Project Cherry Bank

Cherry Bank S.p.A. was born from a new Project launched in 2020 and completed in October 2021 with the merger of Cherry106 S.p.A. into Banco delle Tre Venezie S.p.A.: innovative operator the former, banking reality rooted in the Veneto region the latter. Cherry Bank combines the tradition of a solid bank with the innovation and speed of a modern and technological reality. Cherry Bank aims to enter the market by offering customers tailor-made services, born from rapid and transparent decision-making processes that aim to optimize response times. At the basis is the entrepreneurial idea of joining forces giving substance to a banking operator focused on high value-added services.

December 30, 2023

Merger of the Banca Popolare Valconca, now Cherry Bank

At the end of December 2023, the merger of Banca Popolare Valconca into Cherry Bank will be finalized, a merger that allows Cherry Bank to expand its presence in the national territory also in the retail commercial banking sector, thus becoming a financially stronger banking institution with an even more complete offering. For Banca Popolare Valconca, an institution with more than 100 years of history, the merger allows it to recover profitability and sustainability through integration with a specialized bank capable of intercepting high-margin market opportunities.

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