We are an innovative and fast-growing company.

With us, we also want our cherries to grow, in a context in which merit and passion are the key principles of internal growth, together with performance in terms of results achieved.

We are working in this direction, in the design of career paths, in the definition of the performance management system and incentive strategies to try to enhance the value of our people and put them in a position to perform at their best, for themselves and for the Company, in a fair way and in accordance with the company’s values.

To support the cherries and their families we have activated a welfare platform and made available to all resources a flexible ceiling in the choice of benefits and services with customizable solutions and in line with the values we want to express for our employees and for the territory in which we operate.

We adopt compensation policies geared toward:

Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and statutory provisions as well as the code of ethics;

Ensure fair treatment internally and competitiveness externally;

Enhancing merit, increasing motivation as well as supporting the professional growth of cherries from a gender-neutral perspective, valuing diversity and promoting inclusion;

Foster the realization of short and long-term strategic goals by strengthening the link between pay and performance

See the documentation for the relevant year.

Wealth Management