We are a Human Bank.

We actively participate in the social, climate and governance transition process.

Sustainability is central to our strategies and part of our history. We work every day to ensure the integration into the Bank’s processes and governance of all the environmental, social and good management elements that contribute to improving the future of the planet.

Our approach?

We are continuously looking for sustainable solutions over time that enhance the resources and skills of the ecosystem in which the Bank operates.


Cherry Planet

We have designed an appropriate working environment from the point of view of safety and physical health in accordance with current regulations, using sustainable materials, limiting waste and devoting the necessary attention to the environmental consequences of our choices. We work so that Cherry Bank can make a significant impact in terms of environmental sustainability, both in the short and long term.

Cherry Planet


Always attentive to human resources and relationships, we promote professional development paths that enhance the aptitudes of our cherries and promote the culture of diversity as a value. We invest in our team, in cohesion and maximum sharing of objectives, methodologies, experiences.

We have activated a corporate welfare system so that the well-being over time of our employees becomes a factor of success in business processes and organization.

Sustainability is our guiding prerequisite and a continuous lever of development.


We aim for the Bank’s carbon neutrality through efficiency gains in logistics and operations. We pay attention to people: we believe that enhancing the well-being of those who work is the first ingredient in establishing a positive relationship with customers and the surrounding environment.


We work on the territory alongside Italian companies and people, incentivizing support for entities that share our principles. For us, sustainability represents a lever of value creation.


The most important investment we make on an ongoing basis is in resources. We grow and attract new talent by enhancing our cherries. The details are important: welfare plan, training, sharing, caring for physical spaces.

New Headquarters

We are designing the Bank’s new headquarters. A building with no architectural barriers and totally energy self-sufficient. An all-around green HUB.

Customers and Partners

We engage our clients through surveys and communication initiatives aimed at improving their experience and our operations. We work with selected Partners by establishing stable relationships to which we apply criteria of diligence and transparency to arrive at a virtuous value chain based on trust and territorial enhancement.


We have engaged in relationships with thousands of people, making ourselves available to resolve complex impaired situations with the goal of finding solutions that are good for the entire system. The Human Bank concept represents the distinctive aspect of our business.


We are one of the leading players in the sector in Italy. We have developed two digital platforms capable of responding quickly and in total security to the demand of companies and general contractors, putting them in a position to be able to initiate energy upgrading interventions by assigning their tax credits to us in a totally digital way.

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cHERry. Le donne, il nostro cuore pulsante.

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