Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board was established by the Board of Directors of Cherry Bank in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01 concerning the Administrative Responsibility of Entities.

Its main tasks concern the supervision of compliance with the Organization, Management and Control Model by Employees, Corporate Bodies, Service companies as well as Consultants used by the Bank.

The Supervisory Board is composed of No. 3 members with adequate professionalism in the legal, accounting or tax fields and must also possess the requirements of independence, honorability and autonomy. Specifically, it is composed of a member of the Board of Statutory Auditors (designated by the Board of Statutory Auditors), who chairs it, and the Heads of the Internal Audit Function and the Compliance Function.

The Board of Directors of Cherry Bank established
The Supervisory Board, composed of 3 members:

Carlo Regoliosi


Giacomo Montesel


Francesco Silverj


In addition to the supervisory body, the governance model is composed of three other bodies such as:

Board of Directors

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Board of Auditors

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