The Audit and Risk Committee is an endoconsultative body assigned support functions of a preliminary, propositional and advisory nature to the Board of Directors in matters of risk and the system of internal controls.

The Audit and Risk Committee, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant exogenous regulations, is a collegial body composed of three to five members chosen from among the non-executive members of the Board of Directors, the majority of whom are independent. The Chairman is chosen by the Board of Directors from among the members of the Committee and must be chosen from among independent directors with adequate knowledge and experience in accounting and finance or risk management.

Meetings of the Audit and Risk Committee are attended by the members of the Board of Statutory Auditors and, at the invitation of the Chairman of the Committee, the Chief Executive Officer and any other individuals who are not members of the Committee depending on the topics to be discussed from time to time.

On November 10, 2021, the Board of Directors of Cherry Bank established the Audit and Risk Committee.
Composed of 3 members, all of whom are independent, the majority of whom are of the least represented gender, the Audit and Risk Committee is currently composed as follows:

Marina Vienna


Giuseppe Benini


Elisa Cavezzali


Managerial, non-endoconsultative committees are also established with investigative, advisory and propositional functions: Credit Committee, NPL Committee, ALM and Finance Committee, Products Committee, Special Situations Committee, Investment Committee and Sustainability Committee:

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